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We will have multiple educational Webinar dates for each Part of the Webinar Series to give you an opportunity to attend and participate in all three(3) parts. The webinar series is based upon the content from our 401(k) Workshops Atlas has given over the last four years. We’ve updated and refreshed many areas of the content from the workshops. If you have attended one of our Workshops over the past few years, you will still receive some top-notch expertise to help you with your own 401(k)/403(b) plans. 

CE CREDITS – Depending on which state you are located in, we are offering CPE and HRCI CE credits for all webinars. 

Available Webinar Topics (click arrow at right of each title for description): 

401(k) Plan – Making You a More Informed Plan Administrator 

  • PART 1: Understanding the 401(k) Company Plan, Design Ideas and Increasing Participation Ideas (about 45 minutes)

    You will learn the basics of how the 401(k) works and will present Plan Design ideas that you can determine if they are a good fit for your organization. Remember, as your business growsyour 401(k) plan offering must be flexible to attract and retain talent. More ideas will be presented on increasing participation in the plan that you can implement right away if you choose. This will help with discrimination testing and overall adoption of the plan. Click here to register
  • PART 2 - Breaking Down The Fee Structure In The 401(k) Plan and How It Affects the Participants & The Plan Sponsor (about 45 minutes)

    Most people involved with the 401(k) plan and plan administrators truly don’t understand how the Fee Structure works. Typically the advisor will tell the Plan Sponsor what they need to hear, but not fully be transparent on who is getting paid and how much. Many times with the big Investment Houses and Payroll Companies, there are back-end agreements and hidden costs, despite all the government’s efforts in 2012 to help make fees more transparent with the required 408(b)(2) form. This webinar will educate and enlighten you on how Wall Street “truly” charges fees in the 401(k) plan and who pays. Remember, the DOL (Department of Labor) has reasonable fee standards and requires the Plan Sponsor NOT to burden the majority of the plan administrative costs/fees on the participant. This webinar may shock you, but will be well worth your time! Click here to register
  • PART 3 -Fiduciary Responsibility - The Forgotten But One Of The Most Important Aspects of Managing The Plan (about 45 minutes)

    This webinar will be “eye opening” to many Plan Sponsors and Administrators. Despite the fact that most Investment Houses tell Plan Sponsors and Administrators about their Fiduciary Responsibility, its usually a high-level conversation. Fiduciary Responsibility is “serious” and cannot be shunned as someone else’s responsibility. Of course you could delegate some of the responsibility of the 3(38) Fiduciary who represents the Plan Sponsor and the 3(21) who represents the Participants, but the Plan Sponsor still needs to know what is going on and who is doing what and when. If the big Investment Houses truly reviewed all the Fiduciary Responsibility and who can be liable, it would probably scare all involved and then scuttle the 401(k) Plan. Truly, if you understand what is involved with Fiduciary Responsibility to the 401(k) Plan and how to delegate and document properly, it’s not that bad. This webinar will truly help you better understand those items and put together a workable plan. Click here to register

HSA (Health Savings Account)

How a HSA Program can improve your Benefit Offerings

This webinar will review the basics of what a HSA (Health Savings Account) is and what the difference between HSA accounts are and why some are better than others. Providing your employees an inexpensive benefit that compliments your 401(k) plan. You must have a high-deductible plan in order to be eligible and a good fit for a HSA Plan. We will discuss contribution limits for 2019 along with thoughts on what a best-of-breed plan looks like with investment options that mirror your 401(k) asset lineup. The content will be valuable to you and anyone that is a part of your company benefits planning. Click here to register

Atlas 401(k)

401(k) Best-of-Breed Product and Service Offering

Let’s put it all together. We offered different Webinars to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly with a 401(k) Plan, but what does a “Best-of-Breed Product and Service Offering” look like? We will be presenting the product and service offerings of Atlas 401(k) Service Providers. • How the Atlas 401(k) Plan Design helps reduce overall plan fees. • Reviews what is an “Open Architecture” and major benefits of an “Unbundled Solution”. • Provides complete fee transparency. • Reduces the risk of a DOL audit. • Provides service suggestions that can be tailored towards your company and your participants. requirements for education and investment guidance. • Discuss Fiduciary Responsibility and how Atlas will be your 3(38) and 3(21) Fiduciary. • How Atlas measures success of a 401(k) Plan. Click here to register