Financial Wellness Education

Atlas takes great pride in educating participates.  We all know that financial and investment literacy is probably at an all-time low and we want to change that.  Most companies give employees a brochure for the 401(k) plan and a phone number for them to call with any questions.  Unfortunately that is about all the help they get from their company.  This isn’t enough and the DOL will tell you that when they audit you.  You should at the very least schedule an on-site group meeting with the Investment Advisor (preferably one that has a Fiduciary Responsibility to the participants) and offer one-on-one meetings during a specific timeframe on that day.  Larger companies may offer this twice per year or on a Quarterly-basis.  It is best to speak to your Investment Advisor about the proper education programs and frequency being offered.  Also, week night and Saturday’s should also be available by appointment only since many people want to include their spouse in their retirement account decisions.

We also recommend the following:
– Classroom Education
– One-on-One Meetings
– Availability during Weeknights and Saturday’s
– Video Education
– “Retirement Ready” Planning
– Participant Survey’s