Atlas Market Report: February 2021

by | Jan 31, 2021

Atlas Market Outlook – February 2021

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Atlas Market Report

February 2021

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Key items you need to know –
Happy February Everyone! Don’t blink but the first month of 2021 is over and we are on our way. With the rollout of vaccine beginning, do not expect it to go smoothly. There is still a large contingency of American’s that are either fearful of a vaccine being developed so quickly and or are just anti-vaccine people. It’s tough to tell people “not to take it” because there are so many people that have conditions that need it or they will become a bad statistic. You need to do whats best for yourself, but the lack of an effective rollout will only prolong the living and economic conditions we are currently in significantly longer. Trust the science, not the politicians.
EXPECT more volatility sooner than later and we may have seen the start of a significant and much needed pullback this past week (see chart below). We do we say “much needed”, because things do not go up in a straight line and its not healthy for normal market moves to go straight up, especially in a parabolic direction. Meaning, healthy pullbacks and “range bound” consolidation of pricing before the next move higher is healthy and ultimately well-positioned for the next move higher. Read our 2021 Market Outlook for detailed analysis, but we are looking for an overall 10%-15% higher level by end of 2021.
The following Business Sectors are expected to do well or continue to do well:
  • Technology (5G, AI & Robotics, Cloud Data Storage, Chips/Semi-Conductors and Analytics)
  • Electric Vehicles (select companies)
  • Infrastructure (Rentals and Materials)
  • Consumer Staple Items
  • Cannabis (select companies)
  • Digital Payment & Financial Services Companies
  • Utilities (Garbage, Water, Alternative Energy) – 2nd half 2021
As we have discussed a handful of times in our Newsletters but every time in our one-on-one conversations with clients, make sure you have or build up an emergency fund. We have been banging the drum on this task for years and for some, it couldn’t have been more helpful in the last 12 months. We don’t know what is ahead of us, but we do know that savings is always helpful.
Click Here for 2021 Tax Planning Strategies – Courtesy of BrinkerSimpson Accountants
Charting the Market (and what may possibly be next…..)
If the S&P 500 Index falls below the 3,680 level for 3 consecutive days, then we are headed lower to the 3,520 – 3,588 range before we find support and becomes a potential new “Buy Range”.

In Summary

Do your best to ignore the headlines, especially when it comes to stories that are inflammatory, but really don’t impact your portfolio. The short squeeze on Hedge Funds or the Stimulus that may be forthcoming, etc. are just headline grabbers, but nothing more than to lose focus on whats important to your long-term investment health. Do not get sucked into Bitcoin or Short Squeeze gambling situations, you are better than that, or should be. We know it’s hard not to put some money into it for action, but don’t be a junkie, get the popcorn and be voyeur. If you get pulled into that transaction, it usually never ends well and then you will be making an investment into pharmaceutical companies when you least intended too.
As always, be well, stay safe and healthy!
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