Atlas Outlook – June 2021

by | Jun 14, 2021

June 2021
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Key items you need to know –
The overall market is near all-time highs but the Value Stocks (the good dividend payers and established companies) have found their footing again. This means that the momentum stocks and companies have paused for a bit after a good run since the Election. If you are an investor (which we hope you are) then you are riding out the volatility. We know we have mentioned many times that we expect the market to be higher by end of 2021 while people continue to spend more as they are able to travel and be around people again. We all still need to be careful as you noticed with what happened in India, Malaysia and other parts of Europe as they started to return to normal activities. We don’t want to see those kind of spikes here, but people are going to be their own person so you need to watch out for yourself and family… the soapbox!
Interesting to hear about all the shortages in specific goods and raw materials. This is causing production delays and price increases. We have already seen inflation hit us over the last six plus months, especially in housing prices but it should be interesting to see the long-term effects of this. In our opinion, it will cause much higher pricing with cars, housing and many other goods until the economic realities are accepted and lives become normalized.
Memorial Day weekend has just passed and the summer has begun for many. The travel and spending should significantly spike over the next 3 – 4 months and many businesses are going to a hybrid environment allowing people to work at home. That will save them in gas and tolls but should increase productivity.
Investment Opportunities….
Look for the following industries to do well over the summer:
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Housing
  • Automobiles
  • Semi-conductor
  • Media
In Summary
The overall market is still overpriced, but the appetite for places to invest is still in the market. That will drive the prices higher. We need to see where Q2 Earnings and Guidance are in July to determine if we will have a melt up or down in the market in the 2nd half of the year. Right now, things are looking good and a summer rally will solidify a strong finish to 2021.
As always, be well, stay safe and healthy!
Authored by
Ronald E. Lang, Principal
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Additional Commentary from Allen B. Lang
Hello Summer,
By now almost all eligible citizens have received their “Survival Checks”. I call it Survival Checks simply because by the time they were sent out basic staple products had already risen 7-10%, or more. Gas was already up 10-20c per gallon, meats were up, poultry was up, etc., etc.. So the checks were just to keep people even. Well, that’s my assessment anyway.
The way our legislators are “throwing around” a Trillion here, a Trillion there, we’re soon going to be talking a lot of money. I just hope the printing presses don’t run out of ink.
Now that most isolation mandates have been relaxed, you can visibly see the economy is bouncing back and getting stronger. I am still holding to my 10-12% increase in GDP, AND, I might have to raise those numbers just from what I have been seeing in the last month. Stores have more traffic, people are out and about. Many companies have called their employees to come back to their offices rather than working from home. It appears that more than 55% of the adult community has received their COVID shots and those over 65 years of age are about 70% vaccinated.
The markets continue to be volatile with daily increasing of their ranges from up or down
100-200 points on the Dow Averages and 50 to 100 points on NASDQ, while S&P 500
is showing 20-40 point ranges. Given that volatility will continue, I truly believe the averages can move higher by year end by 10 to15%.
We review all portfolios at least weekly and make changes or recommend changes as
necessary. Right now I think we are in a good place while keeping a watchful eye on inflation and unemployment numbers. Looking forward to 2022, I am VERY cautious at this point. We’ll know more after 2nd and 3rd quarter earnings are reported and hopefully we will see signs of continued growth.
Stay safe and be well.
Submitted by,
Allen B. Lang
Senior Portfolio Manager
Atlas Wealth Management, LLC
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