Educational Seminars For Plan Sponsors, CFO,
Controllers, Human Resources

HRCI CE and CPE Approved 

“Educational Workshop: 401(k) –

Tips on Improving Your Plan

Improve Participation, Dissect Fee Structures
& Understand Fiduciary Compliance

If you are part of your company’s 401(k) Plan Team, YOU need to attend!
For Plan Sponsors, CFOs, Controllers, Human Resources and
Administrators and 401(k) Teams
Register for this event in King of Prussia, PA
Thursday October 18th 2018
2.5 HRCI CE / 2.5 CPE Credits
Free 401(k) Seminar For:
Human Resources, Plan Sponsors & Administrators, CFO, Business Owners and CPA’s
Part of your fiduciary responsibility is keeping up on the new laws and regulations on 401(k) plans that may affect you and your company. This educational workshop will help you bridge that gap. This workshop will enlighten you to many 401(k) options and key fiduciary rules you need to be aware of.
Date: Thursday October 18th, 2018 in King of Prussia, PA (Location details will be provided after Registration)
Time: Registration/Breakfast 7:30am – Event 8am – 10:30am
Cost: Free to Registered Attendees (No New Registrations/Walk-Ups at the door allowed)
HRCI CE Credits: Two and a half (2.5)
CPE Credits: Two and a half (2.5)
Registration Limitation: Two(2) Per Company
Seminar Description
This event is for companies that may or may not currently have a 401(k) Plan and may want to know some top 401(k) Plan Design options; in addition to what their Fiduciary Responsibility may entail and some basic service details that you should consider.
SOME (Golden Nugget) TAKEAWAYS
Learn and apply some key Plan Design ideas to discuss with your 401(k) Team immediately.
Understand how Fee Structure works and how to improve Fee Transparency.
Learn why Target-Date Funds don’t live up to their expectations
Gain a clearer understanding of how Discrimination testing works on 401(k) Plans.
Determine if you are a Fiduciary to your company 401(k) plan.
Identify key areas of Fiduciary Compliance and create an action plan.
If you CANNOT make this event, send someone from your company to attend, it’s that important!
Section One: Plan Design Ideas and Thoughts
What is the better or best offering? 401(k) vs. 401(k) Roth or Hybrid
Increasing Participation Rate Ideas and Importance of Education and being “Retirement Ready”
Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation
Stepped-Up Company Match Program and Vesting Programs Ideas
Multiple Matching Ideas for Compensation
In-Service Distributions (why and why not)
Strategic Tax Planning (New Content)
Section Two: Dissecting the Company 401(k) Plan (NEW Topics)
What is “Bundled vs. Unbundled” Plan?
What is “Open versus Closed Architecture”?
Understanding Fees, Who Pays, How some Investment Houses stuff fees.
Understanding Target-Date Funds and why they typically fail expectations.
Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation
Understanding “Discrimination Testing” in 401(k) Plans
Section Three: Fiduciary Responsibility
(Updated CONTENT) New(Suspended) DOL* Rules on Fiduciary Responsibility on 401(k) Plans
What you need to know?
How to best prepare for Fiduciary Responsibility.
What should be in your Fiduciary File (Plan Documents).
How to Mitigate Fiduciary Risk and reducing possible DOL Audits.
Benchmarking – how often should you do it and what the analysis means to you.
Answer these Important Questions:
Do you have a Fiduciary File of all your 401(k) documents?
Have you checked and verified the correct amount for your Fidelity Bond?
How often do you or your 401(k) Service Provider offer group, web or one-on-one Education?
Have you Benchmarked your 401(k) Plan in the last 1-2 years?
Do you review your Plan Structure on an Annual Basis?
Have you reviewed how your 401(k) can reduce your annual tax burden?