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401(k) Plan: Changing Providers? 9 Things You Need To Know

45 Minute Webinar

Who Should Attend:

CFO’s, Human Resources, Benefits, CPA, Controller, Payroll Manager and Plan Administrators.


This webinar event will help you better understand the areas you should be focused on when deciding to switch 401(k) service providers.  We will review the 9 areas that are important and questions that you should be able to ask.


All attendees will receive a spreadsheet called “401(k) Service Provider Comparison”.  It will list out all the areas that you should be comparing each provider and how well the do those services or have offerings.


  • Introduction
  • 9. General Services / HSA / Fixed-Indexed Annuities
  • 8. Conversion Timeline
  • 7. On-boarding & Education Programs
  • 6.  “Give Back” Program
  • 5. Individual Financial & Investment Guidance
  • 4. ETFs vs. Mutual Funds
  • 3. Fiduciary Responsibility / Investment Committee Meetings
  • 2. Administrative & Fund Fees
  • 1. Service Response and Proactiveness
  • Bonus: Review of the “401(k) Service Provider Comparison”
  • Questions & Answer Session